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European Bamboo Business: ‘A New Deal’
This event will be held on Zoom. Register here

Theme: Europe’s Booming Bamboo Sector
The European Union is the world’s largest importer of bamboo goods, but in recent years, it has been developing its own bamboo sector: in 2019, the region exported USD 289 million of bamboo goods.

This INBAR webinar will look at the development of the bamboo sector in the European Union, in particular: the regulatory, economic, environmental and social opportunities and challenges that the bamboo sector is experiencing in the past years.

This webinar will cover:
How to market bamboo-based products as ecological and sustainable products in the European Union
What are the new expectations regarding the consumption and use of bamboo products in Europe
Lessons from bamboo business development in the European Union
How to capture the potential of bamboo products to support the implementation of the European Union Green Deal, its directives and regulations.

Keynote speech
Professor Lu Wenming is the Deputy Director General of INBAR since 2018. Formerly he was also the Director of the Division for International Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (16 years). In his early career, he also held academic responsibilities as Professor of Forestry Policy and Economics.

Dr. Luisa Molari, Member of the Council of the Italian Bamboo Association
Dr. Luisa Molari is an Associate Professor of Strength of Material at the University of Bologna as well as a Member of the Council of the Italian Bamboo Association.
Topic: Bamboo in Italy: current and future perspectives.

Mr. Yves Crouzet, Founder and Manager of Bambuparque
Mr. Yves Crouzet is an Agricultural engineer and a bamboo specialist for over 45 years. In 1990 Mr. Crouzet founded Bambuparque in Portugal, a nursery that produces temperate and tropical bamboos sold mainly in the European Union.
Topic: What are the necessary conditions to ensure the success of the establishment of a Bamboo industry in Europe?

Ms. Eva Samalea, Chair of the Iberian Bamboo Association (AsIB)
Eva Samalea is a Spanish architect with wide experience in the humanitarian and development sector. Eva is also the founder of the Spanish company MANA bamboo, as well as project coordinator of ANIM22 bamboo project at Cadiz University and Chair of the Iberian Bamboo Association.
Topic: Bamboo resiliency in construction, an opportunity for Europe.

Ms. Chiara Maria Perazzi, Strategic Communications Manager at Forever Bambù
Chiara Maria Perazzi is an investor at Forever Bambù, an Italian company established in 2014 that owns 200 hectares of Giant Bamboo plantation in Italy and it is supporting the maximization of the potential of bamboo in the green circular economy in Europe.
Topic: The circular economic model of Forever Bambù: from bioplastics to carbon neutrality.

Ms. Joanna Saavedra, Co-Founder & Business Developer at bam•bu bicycles
Joana Saavedra is the Co-Founder of bam•bu bicycles in Portugal, a passionate bamboo bicycle brand on a mission to inspire epic travels and unique experiences, empowering well-being and sustainable mobility. She is also the Vice-Chair of the Iberian Bamboo Association.
Topic: Bam•bu bicycles: Design for People, Planet and Progress


Mr. Borja De La Peña Escardó, Global Policy Officer, INBAR.

Ms. Wang Renfei, Technical Assistant, INBAR.

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