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In 2009, World Bamboo Day was launched for the first time to celebrate the extraordinary giant grass bamboo and its importance as a renewable, natural resource for our future. Since 2016, the bamboo has been recognized by the World Bamboo Organization (WBO) as part of the world's largest sustainability initiative, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The plant and its applications support the 17 goals for sustainable development (SDG) that are being strived for worldwide. 

Bamboogreece show which possibilities bamboo opens up for business, research and especially for the construction industry, and which future bamboo could also offer for Greece.

At the beginning there is a big question mark: Why build with bamboo?

Local identity
Most of the buildings near the equator have no local identity. The desire for globalization comes to the fore. Solutions are probably first sought outside of their own country and local potential is forgotten or underestimated. The indigenous people in northern South America had already built buildings with this special type of bamboo, but also with other, related species. Clay bowls, which are up to 3400 years old, show such buildings that were built long before the Spanish conquests. In the Colombian coffee-growing area you can still find churches that were built 170-220 years ago in their basic structure from Guadua and filled with clay, plastered and then painted white with lime.
However, the Guadua bamboo could not prevail against the flooding by modern building materials. Until recently, it did not play a major role as a building material. But that is changing rapidly now. Not just in Colombia. Ever since it was dealt with, the bamboo has gained more and more recognition worldwide, its advantages are recognized and valued.

Bamboo can be used in many ways
The raw material supply is sustainable and ecologically guaranteed. Bamboo is growing again rapidly and can replace the increasingly popular raw material wood in some areas, and even outperform it in others. Bamboo can round off the range of common building materials with its characteristics - if it is used correctly.

Innovative architectural language
Today it is easily possible to design, develop and build beautiful houses, halls and bridges made of bamboo. Ultimately, they are buildings made of grass, because bamboo is nothing else than that - giant grass from a magical world in which we humans appear as small as ants. But if we open our minds and leave room for our imagination, solutions and structures of highly innovative design emerge. There are now plenty of copies made around the world. Go to the Fibra Award website and see for yourself.

Diversity in construction
Bamboo is native to Asia through Africa and South America to Australia. Its species and subspecies are correspondingly diverse. The stalks grow straight and curved, crooked and crooked. Some are smaller and thicker, while others are larger and thinner. They are even different in color. So one can imagine the enormous range of design possibilities that the inherent nature of the material bamboo enables. At the moment, an enormous range of the simplest post-and-beam constructions through to complex multi-storey buildings through halls made of space beams, constructive arches and space lattice shells is being realized.

The use of bamboo in the field of ecology and economy helps to implement the goals for sustainable development that the United Nations have adopted (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs).
With the cultivation of bamboo, water catchment areas and neglected areas are revitalized. This pioneering plant is able to naturally supply adjacent crops with water and is therefore a must for the new ecological orientation according to the SDG. Bamboo is one of the 5 plant species that most bind and absorb CO2 via photosynthesis.

For several years now, bamboo has been used successfully to manufacture new products for numerous areas of life. Decorative bowls and furniture up to prefabricated panels and binders for structural engineering are developed and implemented. And the technical possibilities are by no means exhausted. We are only at the beginning of a long journey. The age of bamboo has begun! A good prerequisite for ecology, prosperity and peace - and a brilliant opportunity to build global partnerships!

The bamboo future in Greece
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